art KARLSRUHE 2019

Várfok Gallery - art KARLSRUHE 2019

21-24 February 2019

Booth number: H2/E11

We are delighted to announce the Várfok Gallery’s participation at the Art KARLSRUHE 2019 International Art Fair where, among more than 200 exhibiting galleries, the Gallery will present its artists in the second hall (Halle 2) E11 stand.


Exhibited on the Várfok Gallery stand will be the repetitive, meditative dot-compositions of Károly Keserü, the vivid, playful, geometrical works of Tamás Jovanovics and the vital foliage paintings of Péter Ujházi. The younger generation will be represented by three brilliantly skilled artists: Anna Nemes's dancers with their sensitive colour spots, Máté Orr's surreal, baroque compositions as well as András Szabó's scratched photorealistic scenes. In addition to this, the surreal paintings, dating from the 1940s, of one of the founding members of the “European School”, Endre Rozsda, will be shown. The Várfok Gallery also honours its legendary artist, the 97-year-old Françoise Gilot, with an exciting selection reflecting on the Taschen publication of the facsimile editions of her sketchbooks made in Venice, India and Senegal and published in 2018.


The fair art KARLSRUHE seeks to offer the visitor an introduction to, and marketing of, both modern and contemporary three-dimensional, spatial artworks. To complement this the Várfok Gallery - alongside its regular profile consisting largely of paintings - will display sculptures on its stand for the first time this year, showing the incomparable, organic systems of a talented young artist, Tamás Melkovics.

Exhibited artist at art KARLSRUHE 2019:

franyo aatoth (H/F), Françoise GILOT (F/USA), Tamás JOVANOVICS (H), Károly KESERÜ (H), Tamás MELKOVICS (H), Anna NEMES (H), Máté ORR (H), Endre ROZSDA (F/H), András SZABÓ (H/RO), Péter UJHÁZI (H)


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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