franyo aatoth: Atom Deliver April 22, 2011 - June 02, 2011

Visitors of Várfok Gallery’s website will encounter, as the next picture presented by Portal Gallery, franyo aatoth’s painting entitled Atom Deliver. The fact that the Hungarian painter living in Paris uses an intense red background has become a well-known characteristic of his oeuvre. These surfaces are usually populated by sketchy, often caricaturistic figures and schematic spaces.

One of aatoth’s favourite motives recently is a naked sitting woman who appeared on his works for the first time in 2009, shown on a terrace. Since, one could follow her story through different situations. On the Atom Deliver we see the woman on the left side of the painting in her ordinary position as she is sitting naked on a chair with her legs open. As usual, her head is cut down by the edge of the picture. This way the artist deprives the figure of her identity and generalizes her.

Her roundish, naked body shines through the red space and stands in a strange contrast with the trivial figure of the completely dressed up ’atom deliver’ man. As if the nude of a classical painting would come to life, recalling the bathing figures of the famous French artist, Ingres. Nevertheless, aatoth’s painting is far from the world of ancient times and its values, even if the two little paintings with black frames hanging on the wall bring up something of the atmosphere of past bourgeois ages. We see the atom deliver unmercifully rushing inside the picture’s space: by the imbecile look on his face we know he’s without any kind of intelligence. And the huge atomball he pulls diffuses its radioactive particulates towards the woman, symbolising vanishing beauty.



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