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2007 was also a decisive year in the history of Várfok Gallery. This is the year when the new Spiritusz Gallery opened in Pest (Madách Square). Its new purpose was to promote young talented artists, without boundaries concerning genre or style. To be able to show as many works as possible in the restricted space of the gallery, we came up with a new exhibition format: Sliding Boards Exhibitions (TTT[1]) - the artworks were displayed on wooden boards sliding up and down on metal rails.

2011 meant an important turning point in the history of Spiritusz Gallery: in the year of the Várfok Gallery’s 20th anniversary, two of its previous exhibition halls (Várfok and XO Hall) were merged, creating the present gallery in No. 11 Várfok Street. It gave the opportunity to move Spiritusz Gallery back to Várfok Street, to the old exhibition room of Várfok Hall, still promoting young artists.

[1] Ironical reference to TTT (tiltott/forbidden, tűrt/tolerated, támogatott/supported) which was the guiding principle of the Socialist cultural politics before the political changeover in 1989.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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