Várfok Gallery is one of the first privately founded galleries after the political changes of '89, showing contemporary art in Hungary that has been able to function continuously to this day. Károly Szalóky founded it under the name Várfok 14 Műhelygaléria/Várfok 14 Studio Gallery in 1990.

Homlokzat - FacadeBy representing an international set of guidelines for galleries and by mediating fine arts of high quality, the gallery operates as a program-gallery. During more than twenty years since its inception a circle of artists has evolved that cooperates with the gallery on a long-term basis, some of them carrying an exclusive gallery contract. At first, the gallery was characterized by a decidedly grotesque, frivolous tone thanks to the artists shown, such as László feLugossy, Imre Bukta, Pál Gerber, György Kungl, József Szurcsik, Gábor Roskó. Later the key figures of Hungarian contemporary art co-operated with the gallery as well, including István Nádler, János Szirtes, András Koncz, László Fehér, El Kazovszkij. The gallery has organized solo exhibitions for more than sixty artists and by now a core group of 19 artists developed, who show new work on a regular basis. This circle is completed with the group of young emerging talents gathered undr the Spiritusz Section.

The gallery single-mindedly persists in its program to present the important values of contemporary Hungarian art, and to reveal its exciting trends and aspects. By its strictly contemporary profile and value-centric outlook, the gallery purports to assist the creation of new works of art and to facilitate their presence on the contemporary art market. The artists shown belong to the second generation of the Hungarian neo-avantgarde or associate themselves with other Hungarian and international artistic currents of historical significance.


In addition to showing the work of the more reknowned artists represented by the gallery, from time to time young, talented artists deserving attention also received shows in the past, individually or in groups (for example: Garázs Galéria / Garage Gallery, 1998; Nyári tárlat / Summer Collection, 1999; Rotáció / Rotation, 2000; Clip-Art - Photoshop fans, 2003; Under Sized, 2004; greenIA 2004; Real-Irreal, 2007).

Várfok Gallery is not solely an exhibition venue, its additional services include publications, advice on buying art, introduction of contemporary artistic attitudes to the public in the form of exhibitions as well as off-location shows, etc.

1998 onward the gallery has participated in a number of international art fairs (BAE-Budapest, FIAC-Paris, ARCO-Madrid, KUNST-Zürich, KunstKöln, Cologne Fine Art, ArtVilnius) - in 2013, Várfok participats to Art Paris Art Fair 2013.


Emerging talents, fresh tendencies


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